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Feeding Program - October 30, 2010

Immediately after my night shift work in Makati, I went straight to Quezon City to prepare for the Feeding Program. When I arrived, my mom had already cooked adobong manok and rice which were served during the program. Since I'm a frustrated chef, I made tuna sandwiches, juice and also bought apples, oranges and pears.

We wanted the street people to be satisfied from eating that's why we prepared 3 meals
1st - tuna sandwich as they arrive
2nd - Adobong manok and rice during the program
3rd - apples, oranges and pears for take home

During the program, we played Jesus film. Unfortunately, for some strange reasons, we were not able to convert the language to tagalog. We even borrowed dvd player from our neighbor but still, we've got no luck. Although that happened, my father, who is a pastor, decided to give a short message/preaching in lieu of the film showing.

My father shared our family story when we did not know Christ. He told them that we were no different from them before. He did not have a good job, he was once a car wash boy, his peers were not good influences, he was a drug addict, he was always drunk. His life has no direction. But the dark story ended when he watched a man preaching on TV. He decided to accept Christ as his savior.

He had a teary eye when he told that story, even I was moved though it was not my first time to hear that. God loves the poor. My father keeps on telling me that, "Gumawa ka ng mabuti sa mga taong di makakaganti sa'yo."

All in all, the feeding program was not all about it. It was also about introducing Christ to them. Some of them even asked when will be the next service and they are willing to join again. By the way, 21 street people attended the program.

Here are some of the pictures. To God be the glory!!!

Special thanks to Nikki (my teammate). She donated slippers for the kids.

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Joseph said...

Feeding program does not mean feed them only but we teach them meaningful lessons and learning in life. Teach them about health,hygiene and anything that needed for them.

Joseph @ volunteer in vietnam