Something to ponder... "If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. " from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann


W3 - Jollibee with Carla (in lieu)

At first, I was saddened to learn that I was not included in the list for the Coastal Clean-up activity in Batangas. I was still part of the waiting-list the day before the activity. I thought I won't be having an outreach for this week. But thank God, he made an opportunity for me to help others.

This day, I was out with my former teammates in the office to have a lunch at MOA. The expenses were company shouldered that's why we were all happy. After that, I went to a group meeting for our presentation at class in graduate school then got back to MOA planning to watch a movie using my 4 free tickets c/o Citibank. Unfortunately, my teammates were not interested in watching movie anymore. They just decided to window shop. At that time I thought that the day would pass and I will not achieve my mission to have an outreach at least once a week. But something came up along our conversations, that one of my teammates was interested in giving food or slippers to street children. Actually a few of them also wanted join me but in some other time because it was getting late and their houses are far away from MOA.

At that instance, I grabbed the opportunity to ask Carla if she wanted to do the outreach after strolling. She was eager to experience the moment of helping people in the streets. She has had helped other people in "bahay ampunan" before but doing it in the streets was very new to her. She was wondering how was it like to give foods to them.

At 5:00pm, we went off from MOA and reached Gil Puyat LRT Station. Carla is residing near the area. Just like our outreach in Pasig, we also gave out burger steaks with rice from Jollibee. Actually we gave out 20 packs of food.

As we were searching for the street kids, Carla was excited and happy telling me, "Ganito pala ang feeling, ang saya!" I instantly replied, "Wala pa nga tayong makita at mabigyan eh, masaya ka na. Hehehe..." She said, "Hindi, yung feeling na ni-look forward mo na may matutulungan or mapapakain kang tao." Those are not the exact words but that's how I remember the dialogue, hehehe....

I only took two pictures for this, and I am happy to share them with you.


W4 - Jollibee with Malou

One of my friends in college read this blog and found herself interested in joining me on my next outreach after the 7 pairs of slippers. Actually when she passed the board exam, we did more likely the same thing. We bought "pansit sa bilao" and distributed it amongst the people in Quiapo. It was her "pay-back" for passing the CPA board exam. Her name is Malou, we were classmates in college and also officemates in two of my previous companies. It's nice to have her as a friend.

It was her idea to have the outreach in Pasig, where she lives. At first we planned to buy "pansit" again and barbeque at Ambers and we will re-pack it for distribution. However, due to unknown reasons, we decided to have the 39'ers at Jollibee. The 39'ers consist of Lumpiang shanghai with rice or Beef salpicao with rice, if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, the 39'ers is only available from Monday to Friday. Since it was Sunday, we were forced to order their burger steak with rice also at P39.00/pc. So, our combined money of P1,000.00 catered 25 street people in Pasig.

We held the outreach within the vicinity of Pasig Church. It was from 1:30pm till 3:00pm. The sun was too high. But it's OK. Atleast, some of our fats were burned during the activity (hehehe...). Surprisingly, most of the street people in Pasig were adults, we only find a few children loitering within the area. Here are some of the pictures and I am happy to share them with you.

We are happy that we only found a few street people in Pasig. Meaning, people in Pasig need minimal help because they can sustain their everyday needs. Since we were having a hard time finding to whom we were going to give the rest of the foods. We decided to give it to the church. At that time, we saw a group of children attending a Sunday school at church. During their break, we saw that they only got few buns of bread without filling. When we gave out the burger steaks, the Sunday school teacher was very thankful because they can now have a tasty merienda.

All in all, it was nice to have someone to accompany me in my outreach. That's mainly the goal of this blog. To inspire others to do the same thing. It was more fun and less tiring. Before the sunset, we decided to treat ourselves over an ice cream at Jollibee.


W1 - 2nd Update

Yehey!!! Finally my transaction for sponsoring a child to school has been completed. It's just easy as 1 2 3. For those of you who wants to support and give hope to a child, please go to this site
Once I've got the picture of the kid I sponsored, I promise to post it here. I wonder how he/she will look like. I hope I made him/her smile.


W3 - Coastal Clean-up

Another opportunity came once again when I arrive at the office last night. As I was reading my e-mails, our XYZ network sent an invite for a community service in Batangas. The drive is for the Coastal Clean-up powered by Ocean Conservancy International. It will be held on 09/25/10. This will be my first time to attend to an XYZ program. Though I am just on the waiting list, I am very positive that they will include us to join the activity. I am looking forward for a nice experience.

By the way, they will be giving away free t-shirts for us to wear during the clean-up day. Hehehe...


W1 - 1st Update

At 10:19am, I received a call from World Vision acknowledging that they got my letter of intent to sponsor 1 kid to school. At last, my first ever plan will be achieved within this week. I will be given a credit card confirmation letter that I have to sign so that they can charge P600.00 monthly. I am so happy that this is happening. I'm very excited to know who am I going to sponsor. She told me that I will be getting a picture of a kid. As soon as I get his/her picture, I promise to post it here. Peace out!!!

W2 - 7 slippers

It was a very tiring but happy day. One of my plans has been set. I went to SM Manila to buy 7 pairs of slippers. The slippers are not branded like havaianas and crocs. I cannot afford to give out that kind of expensive flip flops. I just bought them from the department store with cute designs of cartoon characters (mr. bean, duffy duck, etc.).

As I was walking on my way home, I saw a bunch of children with no slippers playing along the grassy island in buendia near the LRT station. At first I was hesitant if I can approach their parents to ask permission if I can give out slippers and take some pictures. But since I was there and I felt the need for the kids to have something underneath their feet, I took my chance and walk towards them.

They made things for me so easy. They were so accommodating. The parents even had their children fell in line. And here are some of their pictures...

Since it was my first time to go out for this kind of outreach, here are some bloopers that made this act funny but still rewarding...
1. I took picture twice for the same kid. I thought he was a different kid that's why my picture archive is only for 6 children. Hehehe....
2. Some of the slippers were designedly made for the girls but the boys took them. Bwahahah...
3. I did not have a chance to have a picture with them. I was so shy.

But all in all, the feeling was very rewarding. I hope I can do this more often.


W1 - Sponsor a kid to school

I was inspired by the walks of St. John Baptist de La Salle. I learned that he came from a very fortunate family but chose to live with the poor. He prioritized giving education to those who did not have easy access to it. Though he was born a very long time ago, his gesture can still be copied since the scenario remains the same. Reality bites, there are a lot of poor people who cannot go to school.

That's why I thought of sponsoring a child through World Vision. I was reminded when I was strolling in the mall and somebody approached me from World Vision. At that time, I cannot pledge some amount of money every month since my salary is just enough for my daily expenses. Though my salary now is not quite that big, I want to push myself to at least help others and support the advocate of St. de La Salle, in my own little way. The pledge is P600.00/month or approximately P20.00/day. Come to think of it, your P20.00 a day will change somebody's life. Quite cheap but great deed.

I already submitted my intent to help the organization and I hope that they can process it immediately. They will charge my sponsorship through credit card for convenience. I hope I can stand with this act through the years until such time that my sponsor child has already graduated.

For those who would like to sponsor a child to school, come and visit

What is this all about?

I believe I was born not to live here on Earth for quite that long. I am destined for a greater purpose somewhere. My life here is just a "pass-through" to my real destination.

I am here to be inspired and especially to inspire others. I am here because God would like to use me to help those in need. I am His vessel and He should be the One behind my reflection.

Spreading love, peace and hope is my mission. I made this blog to share with you my Journey to His greatness and righteousness.