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W3 - Jollibee with Carla (in lieu)

At first, I was saddened to learn that I was not included in the list for the Coastal Clean-up activity in Batangas. I was still part of the waiting-list the day before the activity. I thought I won't be having an outreach for this week. But thank God, he made an opportunity for me to help others.

This day, I was out with my former teammates in the office to have a lunch at MOA. The expenses were company shouldered that's why we were all happy. After that, I went to a group meeting for our presentation at class in graduate school then got back to MOA planning to watch a movie using my 4 free tickets c/o Citibank. Unfortunately, my teammates were not interested in watching movie anymore. They just decided to window shop. At that time I thought that the day would pass and I will not achieve my mission to have an outreach at least once a week. But something came up along our conversations, that one of my teammates was interested in giving food or slippers to street children. Actually a few of them also wanted join me but in some other time because it was getting late and their houses are far away from MOA.

At that instance, I grabbed the opportunity to ask Carla if she wanted to do the outreach after strolling. She was eager to experience the moment of helping people in the streets. She has had helped other people in "bahay ampunan" before but doing it in the streets was very new to her. She was wondering how was it like to give foods to them.

At 5:00pm, we went off from MOA and reached Gil Puyat LRT Station. Carla is residing near the area. Just like our outreach in Pasig, we also gave out burger steaks with rice from Jollibee. Actually we gave out 20 packs of food.

As we were searching for the street kids, Carla was excited and happy telling me, "Ganito pala ang feeling, ang saya!" I instantly replied, "Wala pa nga tayong makita at mabigyan eh, masaya ka na. Hehehe..." She said, "Hindi, yung feeling na ni-look forward mo na may matutulungan or mapapakain kang tao." Those are not the exact words but that's how I remember the dialogue, hehehe....

I only took two pictures for this, and I am happy to share them with you.


carla said...

pati ba naman lines ko included? heheh. anyway, twas a great experience. more to come!

christopher apostol said...

xempre... hehehe... thanks for accompanying me... sa uulitin... bwahahahha....