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W4 - Jollibee with Malou

One of my friends in college read this blog and found herself interested in joining me on my next outreach after the 7 pairs of slippers. Actually when she passed the board exam, we did more likely the same thing. We bought "pansit sa bilao" and distributed it amongst the people in Quiapo. It was her "pay-back" for passing the CPA board exam. Her name is Malou, we were classmates in college and also officemates in two of my previous companies. It's nice to have her as a friend.

It was her idea to have the outreach in Pasig, where she lives. At first we planned to buy "pansit" again and barbeque at Ambers and we will re-pack it for distribution. However, due to unknown reasons, we decided to have the 39'ers at Jollibee. The 39'ers consist of Lumpiang shanghai with rice or Beef salpicao with rice, if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, the 39'ers is only available from Monday to Friday. Since it was Sunday, we were forced to order their burger steak with rice also at P39.00/pc. So, our combined money of P1,000.00 catered 25 street people in Pasig.

We held the outreach within the vicinity of Pasig Church. It was from 1:30pm till 3:00pm. The sun was too high. But it's OK. Atleast, some of our fats were burned during the activity (hehehe...). Surprisingly, most of the street people in Pasig were adults, we only find a few children loitering within the area. Here are some of the pictures and I am happy to share them with you.

We are happy that we only found a few street people in Pasig. Meaning, people in Pasig need minimal help because they can sustain their everyday needs. Since we were having a hard time finding to whom we were going to give the rest of the foods. We decided to give it to the church. At that time, we saw a group of children attending a Sunday school at church. During their break, we saw that they only got few buns of bread without filling. When we gave out the burger steaks, the Sunday school teacher was very thankful because they can now have a tasty merienda.

All in all, it was nice to have someone to accompany me in my outreach. That's mainly the goal of this blog. To inspire others to do the same thing. It was more fun and less tiring. Before the sunset, we decided to treat ourselves over an ice cream at Jollibee.

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