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Heaven is Real

Last night, we invited people who dwell at the park near our church. Most of them came from the province. They were overwhelmed by the situation here. They were hoping that they will get a better life here but the truth disappoints them thus they find themselves sleeping at the park.

Before the feeding program, we showed a short film. The title is "Heaven is Real". The film is an attempt to describe what Heaven is. It also depicts what it feels like being in Heaven. The film was so moving. It gives hope for those who needs it. It simply says that you cannot bring to Heaven all the wealth that you strive to have all of your life and a person is said to be wise if he prepares for his death.

After that short film, we also distributed Bibles. All of them accepted Christ as their savior and that's the great thing about it. It's like hitting two birds at the same time. The program's essence is to feed them with food and gospel.

We served fried chicken and puso ng saging with gata. After the program, me and my father wander around e. rodriguez to find street people and scavengers to distribute the rest of the food. The scene that I cannot forget is that we saw a man sitting in front of Andoks Restaurant and he was staring on the menu at the counter religiously. His clothes were worn out and obviously he does not have the money to buy the food. When I gave him the food it seemed that his prayer was answered.

On the second Saturday of December, we will have a feeding program again. We will feature "Hell is Real". I am so excited.

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