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Post Christmas & New Year Groceries

Way before Christmas, I was planning to distribute groceries to street families. The idea was to cater only 15 grocery bags which consist of canned goods, noodles, biscuits, coffee, juice and chocolates. Due to tight budget, this plan was deferred. Thank God because there were people who contributed to make this thing happen. Special thanks to Ms. Alexie, Kuya Jun, Jef and Jonathan for their kind hearts.

I have already bought the goods and repacked them for distribution. Regretfully, I only distributed 4 grocery bags as of today. I am having a hard time to carry them all since I am just distributing them as I go out. I hope I can dispose them immediately because I know that these people need it so badly. I would also like to thank in advance Nikki, Charla and Ninz who said that they will help me distribute these groceries. Also, thank you to Malou because she already helped me with the two bags. With fingers crossed, let's do it within January.

These are the pictures where the 4 grocery bags went:

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